Space XY
  • Name Space XY
  • Software BGaming
  • RTP 97%
  • Volatility High
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Space XY Crash Game

Gameplay and Extras

"Space XY" has carved out its niche in the crash game universe with its minimalist and user-friendly design. Launched in early 2022 by the innovative BGAMING, the game features a clean interface that displays a radar window and betting blocks, removing any unnecessary on-screen clutter. This streamlined approach allows for quick and easy gaming sessions, perfect for the modern player on the go.


The game centers around a thrilling interstellar adventure where players bet on a rocket's flight into the cosmos. The goal is simple yet compelling: cash out before the rocket crashes. With rounds that start automatically and the option to skip without penalty, "Space XY" respects the player's pace and preference. Real-time betting stats and potential multipliers are displayed prominently, adding transparency and immediacy to the experience.

Effective Strategies

The crux of strategy in "Space XY" involves timing and risk management. Players might employ a cautious approach, cashing out at lower multipliers for consistent returns, or play the long game, waiting for higher multipliers at the risk of a crash. The game also introduces a double bet system, allowing for hedged bets and strategic risk distribution, a unique feature that adds depth to the gameplay.

Maximum Wins

As with most crash games, "Space XY" have a cap the multiplier - x100, theoretically allowing for great winnings. The immediate calculation of winnings based on the multiplier at the time of cash out keeps the game dynamic and high-stakes.

Pros and Cons of Space XY


  • Clean and straightforward gameplay, ideal for quick sessions.
  • The ability to sit out rounds offers flexibility in play style.
  • The double bet system adds a strategic layer to betting.
  • Instant win calculations provide immediate gratification.


  • The lack of new, groundbreaking features might not appeal to all players.
  • As with all high volatility games, the potential for rapid loss is present.
  • The game's simplicity might not satisfy those seeking a more complex or skill-based experience.

"Space XY" by BGAMING is a welcome addition to the crash game category, offering an engaging, space-themed twist on the genre. While it may not reinvent the wheel, its refined gameplay and unique features like the double bet system make it a standout offering in the online casino space.

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