When Lambo
  • Name When Lambo
  • Software OnlyPlay
  • RTP 95%
  • Volatility High
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When Lambo Crash Game

The name "When Lambo" might make you raise an eyebrow as a title for a game, but once you get rolling with Onlyplay's new multiplayer crash game, any initial skepticism is likely to vanish. Onlyplay, hailing from Lithuania, isn't new to the game, boasting a suite of crypto-friendly hits like Quantum X, Need for X, and F777 Fighter. This time around, the luxe life is front and center, featuring the ever-coveted Lamborghini in a whimsical, animated form. The visuals and audio are top-notch, and the game's mobile compatibility is spot on, performing without a hitch across devices. Onlyplay's added some automated bells and whistles, which I'll get into in a sec.

First, let's break down the gameplay. You've got a bit of downtime while the Lambo fuels up—that's your window to place bets. The multiplier kicks off at x1 and climbs until our luxury ride meets its untimely demise. Expect the unexpected—animations kick in, and your Lambo might get hit, shot, or even blow up.

When Lambo - Odds, Thrills, and Game Mechanics

The RTP for When Lambo sits at 95%, but watch out, because it varies. Different game iterations might tweak that number, so a lower RTP would mean tougher odds considering the game's high volatility. And here's a twist: the Lambo can go boom right at the starting line with no warning!

This isn't your typical crash game—there's no ceiling on the prize. Theoretically, the Lambo could just keep going, racking up some serious dough. That said, giant jackpots are a rare breed in multiplayer casino games, so strategize wisely. Bets start at $1 and cap at $50, which is a tad conservative for crash games. The "Auto Take" feature lets you set a multiplier to cash out automatically when hit, so keep that dialed in right.

Now, let's talk about the nitro boost. Nitro Canisters are the wild cards here—snag one and your multiplier gets a 1.2x bump. But if that canister goes kaboom, no bonus multiplier for you. Players can up the ante with a second betting slot, managing each bet independently for double the opportunity. The auto-play functions are bet-specific, making for a tactical gameplay experience.

Extra perks include a betting history to spy on your own moves and those of your rivals. The Result Bar flashes the last nine crash points, and if you're feeling expressive, pop some emojis onscreen with a special button.

Summing It Up: When Lambo's Road to Rewards

When Lambo by Onlyplay is their take on the crash game craze, spicing things up with incremental bonuses. High variance is the name of the game here, but with smart plays, the arcade can yield consistent payouts. The key? Cash out early and often for a steady stream of small wins to offset the losses. Don't let greed tip the scales—playing it safe is the way to go. When Lambo is a solid mix of excitement and strategy—give it a spin with our free demo!

Pros and Cons of When Lambo Crash Game:


  • Engaging crash gameplay with a solid RTP
  • Automated betting and cash-out options
  • Multiplier boosts via Nitro Canisters
  • A suite of technical features for savvy gameplay


  • High volatility could make for a bumpy ride

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