Mahjong 88
  • Name Mahjong 88
  • Software PlayNgo
  • RTP 96.62%
  • Reels 8
  • Paylines
  • Volatility High
  • Max Win x5000
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Mahjong 88 Slot

Gameplay of Mahjong 88

Mahjong 88 by Play’n GO is a creative and innovative slot game inspired by the traditional Chinese tile-based game, Mahjong. Released on May 1, 2019, this slot stands out with its unique 8x8 grid layout, breaking away from traditional reel-based slots. 

The game perfectly blends the ancient game’s essence with modern slot mechanics, offering a refreshing and culturally rich gaming experience.


  • 8x8 Grid Layout: A non-traditional grid replaces standard reels and paylines.
  • Cluster Pays Mechanic: Wins are formed by clusters of matching symbols.
  • No Free Spins: A notable departure from typical slot features.

Chances of Symbols Appearing

In Mahjong 88 symbols are based on Mahjong tiles, including bams, dots, and flower tiles, with the Lotus Flower being the most valuable. The game's high volatility implies that while high-value symbols like the Lotus Flower can yield substantial payouts, they appear less frequently. 

The Cluster Pays system adds to the excitement, as it provides multiple ways to form winning combinations.


  • Innovative Gameplay: Offers a fresh take with its 8x8 grid and Cluster Pays.
  • Cultural Theme: Beautifully captures the essence of Mahjong.
  • Unique Bonuses: The Fortune Frog and Seasons features add depth.
  • High-Quality Graphics: Visually appealing with a fitting soundtrack.


  • Fortune Frog Feature: Fills up with winning symbols to unlock bonuses.
  • Super Charge: Overcharging the meter leads to a 5x multiplier.
  • Seasonal Bonuses: Each season brings different wild features, adding variety.

Mahjong 88 is an exemplary slot game that successfully marries the traditional Mahjong game with modern slot mechanics. Its unique 8x8 grid and Cluster Pays system offer a refreshing alternative to standard slot formats. T

While the absence of a free spins feature might be a drawback for some, the innovative Fortune Frog and Seasons features more than compensate, providing dynamic gameplay and ample opportunities for big wins. 

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