Spartacus Super Colossal Reels
  • Name Spartacus Super Colossal Reels
  • Software WMS
  • RTP 96.8%
  • Reels 5
  • Paylines 100
  • Volatility Medium-High
  • Max Win x2500
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Spartacus Super Colossal Reels Slot

Gameplay of Spartacus Super Colossal Reels

"Spartacus Super Colossal Reels" is a thrilling slot game that takes inspiration from the legendary gladiator Spartacus, known for his bravery and leadership in the ancient Roman slave revolt. This game, developed by WMS, is a standout in the slot world for its innovative use of the Super Colossal Reels feature, offering players a unique and dynamic gaming experience.

Set across two sets of reels – a traditional 5x4 set and a colossal 5x12 set – the game boasts 100 paylines, providing ample opportunities for wins and engaging gameplay.

The theme revolves around the epic tale of Spartacus and his gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum, immersing players in the world of ancient Rome. The game's design incorporates symbols and motifs reflective of this era, including gladiators, helmets, lions, and the iconic Roman Colosseum, set against a backdrop of stirring battle music to enhance the atmosphere.


  • Super Colossal Reels: A unique game mechanic featuring two sets of reels that interact with each other.
  • Colossal Symbols: Larger symbols that can cover multiple positions on the colossal reels, offering higher payout opportunities.

Chances of Symbols Appearing

In "Spartacus Super Colossal Reels," symbols are thoughtfully balanced to ensure a dynamic gameplay experience. High-value symbols like Spartacus himself appear less frequently but promise significant rewards.

In contrast, lower-value symbols, represented by traditional playing card values, offer more frequent wins, maintaining an engaging pace.

Special symbols, including wilds and scatters, are carefully calibrated to trigger bonus features without overwhelming the game.


  • Innovative Gameplay: The Super Colossal Reels mechanic offers a fresh and engaging slot experience.
  • High Payline Count: With 100 paylines, the game provides numerous opportunities for wins.
  • Rich Theme and Design: The ancient Roman theme is well-executed, with immersive graphics and sound.
  • Exciting Bonus Features: From wild transfers to free spins, the game is packed with features that add depth to gameplay.


  • Wild Transfers: Wilds on the main reel set transfer to the corresponding colossal reel, potentially covering it entirely in wilds.
  • Free Spins: Triggered by landing three or more Colosseum symbols across both reel sets, offering multipliers and additional spins.
  • Stacked Symbols: Many symbols, including the high-value ones, can appear stacked, increasing win potential.

"Spartacus Super Colossal Reels" is an ambitious and captivating slot game that successfully combines an engaging theme with innovative gameplay mechanics. The use of Super Colossal Reels adds a unique dimension to the slot experience, setting it apart from traditional games.

The variety of bonus features ensures that gameplay remains exciting and unpredictable, with the potential for substantial rewards.

Whether drawn to the game by the allure of ancient Rome, the legend of Spartacus, or the innovative reel mechanics, players will find "Spartacus Super Colossal Reels" a rewarding and entertaining adventure, filled with the spirit of gladiatorial combat and the thrill of the win.

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