Heroes Hunt
  • Name Heroes Hunt
  • Software Fantasma
  • RTP 96.26%
  • Reels 6
  • Paylines 46656
  • Volatility High
  • Max Win x26000
  • Megaways
  • Cascading Reels
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Heroes Hunt Slot

Gameplay of Heroes Hunt

Heroes Hunt is an exhilarating slot game that takes players on an adventurous journey into a mystical world filled with dragons, wizards, and warriors. This game, developed by Fantasma Games, breaks the mold of traditional slots by incorporating RPG (Role-Playing Game) elements and a dynamic gameplay experience.

With its engaging storyline, Heroes Hunt invites players to unlock different characters and use their unique abilities to defeat enemies, uncover treasures, and ultimately face a formidable dragon in the quest for riches.


  • Expanding Gameplay: The game starts with one hero and progressively unlocks more heroes and features.
  • Megaways Mechanic: Offers up to 46,656 ways to win, changing the game layout with each spin.
  • Avalanche Feature: Winning symbols are removed, and new symbols fall into place, allowing for consecutive wins.
  • Hero Abilities: Each hero has unique abilities, such as the Wizard's Explosion, the Archer's Arrows, and the Warrior's Expanding Wilds.

Chances of Symbols Appearing

Heroes Hunt employs the Megaways mechanic, significantly affecting symbol appearance chances. This variability ensures that each spin is unique, with a constantly changing number of symbols and ways to win.

The game’s design means that high-value symbols, like the dragon, are rarer but offer substantial payouts. Conversely, lower-value symbols appear more frequently, providing consistent, smaller wins. The heroes’ abilities also influence symbol dynamics, as their activations can lead to increased appearances of particular symbols or features.


  • Innovative Gameplay: Blends slot mechanics with RPG elements for a fresh experience.
  • High Variability: Offers numerous ways to win, keeping the game exciting and unpredictable.
  • Engaging Theme: The fantasy theme is well-executed, with high-quality graphics and an immersive storyline.
  • Unique Character Abilities: Adds depth to the game, allowing for strategic play based on the hero selected.
  • Rewarding Bonuses: Multiple bonus features provide substantial winning opportunities.


  • Respins and Free Spins: Offer chances for extended play and increased wins.
  • Hero Abilities Activation: Each hero’s special ability can trigger bonus rounds or enhance wins.
  • Dragon Fight: A special feature where players battle a dragon for a chance at significant rewards.
  • Treasure Chests: Randomly awards players with coins, free spins, or hero upgrades.

Heroes Hunt is a groundbreaking slot that offers an engaging mix of traditional slot action and innovative RPG features. Its dynamic gameplay, combined with the Megaways mechanic and unique character abilities, ensures that no two gaming sessions are the same.

The game’s high variability and array of bonuses make it a thrilling experience for players seeking something beyond the conventional slot format.

Whether you’re drawn to its captivating theme, the strategic depth added by hero abilities, or the sheer excitement of battling dragons for treasure, Heroes Hunt promises an adventure worth embarking on.

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