Blazing Bull
  • Name Blazing Bull
  • Software Kalamba
  • RTP 97.4%
  • Reels 6
  • Paylines 4096
  • Volatility High
  • Max Win x2667
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Blazing Bull Slot

Gameplay of Blazing Bull

"Blazing Bull" is an electrifying slot game that immerses players in the untamed wilderness, where the majestic Blazing Bull roams free. Developed by Kalamba Games, a provider known for crafting visually stunning and mechanically rich slots, "Blazing Bull" leverages a compelling theme with robust features to offer a thrilling gaming experience.

Set against a backdrop of dense forests and mountainous terrain, the game combines the beauty of nature with the excitement of slot gaming.


  • Reels and Paylines: The game is set on a 6x4 grid, offering 4,096 ways to win, utilizing a win-all-ways mechanic.
  • Variable RTP: The game offers a variable Return to Player (RTP) rate, which can slightly fluctuate based on the accumulation of bonus symbols.

Chances of Symbols Appearing

In "Blazing Bull," the reels are adorned with a variety of symbols that draw inspiration from the natural world, including eagles, wolves, bears, and of course, the Blazing Bull itself.

Lower-value symbols are represented by traditional card values, stylized to fit the wilderness theme. The game's design ensures that high-value symbols, while less frequent, offer significant payouts, especially when coupled with multiplier wilds.

The accumulation of Silver and Gold bonus symbols is a gradual process, ensuring that the activation of Free Spins feels rewarding and well-earned.


  • Engaging Theme: The wilderness theme is beautifully rendered, appealing to players who appreciate nature-inspired slots.
  • Innovative Mechanics: The 4,096 ways to win and multiplier wilds add depth to the gameplay.
  • Rewarding Bonuses: Two distinct Free Spins rounds offer players varied and potentially lucrative gaming experiences.
  • High Volatility: Suitable for players seeking the thrill of chasing significant wins.


  • Silver Free Spins: Triggered by accumulating Silver bonus symbols, offering a base level of free spins with the potential for enhanced wilds.
  • Gold Free Spins: Requires Gold bonus symbols, introducing higher multiplier wilds and increased chances for big wins during the free rounds.
  • Progressive Symbol Collection: A unique aspect that keeps players engaged, accumulating toward the Free Spins thresholds as they play.
  • Multiplier Wilds: Wild symbols not only substitute for other symbols but also can come with multipliers to increase winnings.

"Blazing Bull" stands out as a testament to Kalamba Games' commitment to delivering immersive and feature-rich slots. The game's wilderness theme is both a visual and auditory feast, setting the stage for an engaging slot experience that goes beyond simple spins.

With its dual Free Spins rounds, progressive symbol collection, and the excitement of 4,096 ways to win, "Blazing Bull" offers a robust package that appeals to a wide range of slot enthusiasts. 

Whether for the stunning graphics, the innovative gameplay mechanics, or the chance to score monumental wins, "Blazing Bull" is a slot that deserves a spot on the radar of every serious slot player.

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